EL Weekly Update

Monday, Sept. 29, 2014

New Seclusion and Restraint Law

The new state Seclusion and Restraint law is finalized. The purpose of this law is to insure that all students and staff are safe in school, and that students who may have behavior crises are free from inappropriate use of seclusion or restraint.

Please read the key elements below, but if you have to remember three simple things:

1. If you have to use it, use it properly.

2. If you have to use it, document it.

3. If you have to use it, notify administrators and parents as soon as safely possible.

It's the law.

Some of the key elements:

1. Every effort should be made to prevent the need for the use of restraint and for the use of seclusion.

2. Any behavioral intervention must be consistent with the student’s right to be treated with dignity and to be free from abuse.

3. Policies restricting the use of restraint and seclusion should apply to all children, not just children with disabilities.

4. Physical restraint or seclusion should not be used except in situations where the student’s behavior poses imminent danger of serious harm to self or others and other interventions are ineffective.

5. A school should use prevention, positive behavior intervention and support, and conflict de-escalation strategies.

6. Each school shall identify appropriate school staff to be trained on the safe use of effective alternatives to physical seclusion and restraint.

a. Each school shall choose a training protocol that includes the following:

i. Positive supports and behavioral interventions techniques.

ii. Conflict de-escalation techniques.

iii. The safe use of seclusion and restraint.

iv. Steps to avoid the use of seclusion or restraint.

v. Debriefing practices and procedures.

vi. CPCSC uses the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) – Nonviolent Crisis Intervention.

7. Immediately after the student has restored emotional and behavioral control following the use of restraint or seclusion, a staff member shall do the following:

a. Examine the student to ascertain any injuries.

b. Complete the CPI Recording Form with description of student’s behavior.

(CPI Procedures/Form and Time Away Form on the EL Procedural Manual website.)

c. Provide a copy of the CPI Recording Form to the school administrator, parent, the Dept. for Exceptional Learners and the student’s working file.

8. The building administrator or designee shall attempt to report every instance in which seclusion or restraint is used on a student to the student’s parent or guardian:

a. No later than the end of the school day or as soon as practical.

b. Verbally and document parent communication.

c. Record Restraint (CPI hold) and/or Seclusion in the RDS student data system.

9. As soon as practical, the school administrator or designee shall meet with the school personnel who participated in the restraint or seclusion to review use of proper procedures and also to meet with student to discus his/her behaviors. Offer parents the opportunity to request a meeting to discuss the incident.

10. Annually, a school district committee will review all seclusion and restraint procedures and incidents.

The CPCSC Use of Seclusion and Restraint with Students Policy may be found on the CPCSC website.

Top 5 Things to Know from Gigi

  1. All STAFF - Access your School files from Home or ANYWHERE you have WiFi!

    go to cps.k12.in.us Then click on the STAFF Page.

    Just under the “Google” picture is the directions for “MyFiles.”

    This gives you access, but not the ability to save to the server.(see picture below)
  2. Teachers-Spelling City.com is offering a 30 day FREE Trial

    No More Paper Tests

    Do you have friends who are still giving paper and pencil spelling tests? Tell them that they can save time (and paper) by giving their spelling tests with VocabularySpellingCity and our apps! 30-Day Trial.

  3. ALL STAFF USING IIEP-Documents created for students in IIEP are saved on each student under the “Documents” tab. Log in to the student file, then choose “documents” to view previous IEPS, Updates, Transportation Forms, and Evaluations. Once you create the document to print, it is not necessary to recreate the same document.
  4. ALL STAFF - Set a goal to Progress monitor monthly, but record progress quarterly on IIEP.
  5. ALL-Thank you, to everyone who sent in the CPI forms!! We appreciate receiving the notices as they occur!
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Lisa Hanlon, IEP Coach (Part-time)

What is an IEP Coach?

A teacher learning and training teachers.

  • Assessing IEP training needs
  • Learning IEP writing skills
  • Developing lessons on IEP writing skills
  • Coaching teachers on these lessons
  • Evaluating IEPs for these skills
  • Acquiring patience to understand that it will be one Lesson at a Time!

Lisa Hanlon is also working part-time providing special ed services to our nonpublic students and also assistive technology.

IEP Coaching Office Hours:

Mon: 7:30 - 3:30 pm

Tues: 7:30 - 11:00 am

Wed: 12:00 - 3:30 pm

(Or by email, text, Google Hangout, etc.)

Lessons from Lisa, our IEP Coach

Lesson 2: ACRONYMS

IEP= Individualized Education Program (not plan)

PLAAFP= Present Levels of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance.

(not PLEP or PLoP) This is a change from the 1997 law.

IDEA 2004 = Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004

"This law mandated that all children in the US have the right to a FAPE at

public expense; this mandate is the legal foundation for modern

special education." (Dyches & Gibb 2007)

FAPE= Free Appropriate Public Education

Lesson 3: FAPE Myths versus FAPE Fact


EL Special Teams Training

Wednesday, Oct. 8th, 12:15pm

Crown Point High School (Community Room)

12:15-2:45 pm - CPHS Exceptional Learners

12:25-2:55 pm - MS Exceptional Learners

1:25-3:55 pm - ELEM Exceptional Learners


  • Going Google
  • Writing Goals
  • Assessing Progress Monitoring Data
  • Reviewing ISTEP and ECA Formats


Your charged laptop, iPad and a working student IEP.

"Inspiring Lives"

The "Day Shift"

Meet the "Day Shift" at the Special Kneads Bakery where . . .

Everyone kneads to be kneaded!

Special Kneads Bakery


We know it is not easy being Green!

We are here to help!

Cynthia Dewes, Director

Gigi Geimer, Assistant Director

Lisa Hanlon, IEP Coach

Lori Schuljak, Secretary

Liz Espinoza (VanGundy), Secretary