BY: Zakaria,Alabudi

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1. I learned a lesson the hard way? The only way that I learned the lessons is if I face the problem that are given and I give it a piece of my mind. like a boss at a sweatshop he demands what he wants.

2.When I was traveling and I was facing my first problem. I had never been out of state before. I didn't know how to travel especially so far away from home.

3.Then and there I knew that I was alone. I had to get my family to Iraq. I was very nervous to go

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1. With all the story and things I have seen on TV and heard. It was a little scary. I was very nervous to go.

2. My mom she is very ill women. I always had to keep my eye on her. Family was the biggest thing for me

3.I was trying so hard to show them I wasn't scared. Knowing that this trip was going to be very long. I prepared myself and it was all metal toughness.

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1. Trip was going to be very long I prepared myself and it was all metal toughness. So on are way to the 14 hour Flight. My mom started to go in her ill mood

2. I had to be tough. I told my brother to go and get a wheelchair. So I started to wheel her through the bomb checking stuff

3.She has to go through that machine because she is arab and she wear a scarf. It sounds crazy but it is true. It's a pain in the ass but you have to do what you have to do.

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1. It is a country that is look bad on. People talk lots of bad about it. But none of the have actually gone or seen it with there own eyes.

2. It is very big country at least for me. It was very divers when i went and saw with my owe eyes. it was very surprising to me.

3. It is actually very nice looking. They like to build huge machines. what you see on tv though part are war zones but it is actually amazing over there.

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1. I will say the people act different. The are ether very religious or not at all. it fun to see.

2. If you go you don't even have to worry about standing out. You don't have to worry about being different. You are really free in a wither nothing to stop you.

3. It was kinda crazy to see how the people where so giving. ididnt know that people got treed the same. Or it jut that people have better stuff to do it nothing like you hear on tv and new thats only the war zones.

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