Zoo Keeping: A Job Worth The Work

Learn new things everday on the job, with decent pay!


A degree for this job requires at LEAST a bachelors degree, but the range limit is a masters degree. These majors are important for this specific job. High school students interested in taking this job should make sure that they have a good understanding of the basic science regions. These include chemistry, biology, and physics. Mathematics, computer, and English courses would also be helpful.


One choice for Wisconsinites is the University of Wisconsin in Madison, WI. This is one that I would DEFINITELY choose, since it's close to home, so I wouldn't have to travel very far. The area surrounding the campus is generally rural, if not close to city-like. It is a public school, and has a four year term. The student to falculty ratio is 17:1, and the average class size is 10 to 19 students.


FACT: Zookeeping is considered a life science, since you have to work with living creatures on the job.


A zookeeper is an animal attendant. Some activities that form from this include feeding the animals, cleaning their enclosures, showing them to crowds, and so on. The work condition depends on where the zoo is located, and what the climate is.

As for the salary, it depends on how much experience you have, what zoo you work at, where the zoo is located, and what degree you have. The starting salary is usually the same around the country.


Typical factors for employment as a zookeeper include what degree you have, and how much experience you have with animals. Other factors may include how old you are, and what job you prefer doing at the zoo.

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If you LOVE animals, then this is the job for you! Since I've been around animals all my life, and I've always wanted to work with them, being a zookeeper seems like the perfect job for me. However, even for a nature lover like me, there are a few pros and cons. A few of the cons include that I'm still too young to work at a zoo yet, and I worry and fear that I may not be able to get the right degree that one must acquire in order to get s job as a zookeeper. The pros are that I enjoy animals, and I will get to learn more about them on the job! But, the point is, are YOU going to love this job. Well, you're not going to find out by just standing there. So, go for it!


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