Guru Nanak founded Sikhism during the 15th century in the Punjab region, which is between India and Pakistan. It is all based on the Guru's teachings, and he serves as their "Muhammed".

Where is it worshipped?

Sikhism is practiced by 2% of Indians, with a total worldwide followers of about 20 million. Most Indians who are Sikhs live in the Punjab, or northwest region of India. They pray anywhere, anytime and congregate or Sangat in a Gurdwara, where they believe God is visible.


Sikhism is a universal religion, practiced worlwide in a variety of different countries. There is even a Gurdwara in Austin!


There are three main branches of Sikhism:

-Udasis- An order of ascetics and holy men, they are often active as missionaries.

-Sahajdharis- Those who are clean shaven and do not follow the Khalsa tradition.

-Khalsa- The main group of Sikhists.

Where is it Practiced Today?

Most of the Sikhism followers live in Punjab, But can be found all over the continent due to migration and job oppertunities, like the USA, places in Europe, and a bit of everywhere. There are currently about 20 million followers worldwide.

What do they believe?

Their 4 Main Beliefs are:

One Source- God is the creator of all

Equality- Everyone, both men and women, are equal and all are welcomed to their holy sites.

Human Life is precious- More important than any other life, except God

Justice- Peace is a strong arguement for the people, stand for justice and truth.

The Sikh's believe in worship anywhere at anytime, but you should always pray when given time. During Congregations followers get together to strengthen their beliefs further and preach to each other. They believe God is a friend they can talk to and always be with.

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They believe in praying anywhere, at anytime.


The Khanda is the Sikh emblem, a symbol of their religon.

Their Holy Books which they love and care for are the Sri Guru Granth Sahib, and the Dasam Granth. Both symbolize their heritage and customs of peace and unity.