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Wow, what a few days and weeks.

Kindness does Matter. This past week was so special to be a part of. There were so many big and small examples of kids thinking about others, expressing appreciation to others, and honoring how others want to be treated. Thank you everyone for valuing the social emotional development and whole child perspective for what we do as educators. Thank you Nicole for helping to organize the week.

Tomorrow will be the first of two visits of the company MindPOP is making to Boone. Investors and supporters of CLI will be at Boone to watch Melissa implement all sorts of CLI strategies. They will come again next week. It is an honor that CLI chose Boone to highlight good teaching strategies.

With recent changes, I want to express my deepest thanks to everyone who has offered to help with volleyball, track and field, writing lesson plans, ordering t-shirts, etc.. And just amazing emails, hugs and posters of kindness. It has touched my heart so deeply.

Huge thanks to Erin and Beth Ann and others who have helped take over 5th grade volleyball. There are about 2 more practices and the UT volleyball play date. Renee has been helping with lesson plans for PE. Georgia and Julie and Renee are helping with track and field. Tons of thanks to Maria, Chelsey and Michelle for all of their extra work for the special area instruction, grades, working with subs, etc. These ladies have had so much change at school and in their personal life. They are hanging in there in such a professional manner with such positive attitudes. At this point, we will have decided to have a long term sub for the remainder of the school year and hire for the 16-17 school year.

Kareen, Erin and Jennifer will be supporting scientist this weekend at the regional science fair with our science fair winners. Thank you ladies.

We were given a 5th fourth grade teacher this week based on the number of students that said they are returning next year to 4th grade. So that situation has had good resolution. At this point, we think we have over 30+ three year-olds coming back to PK4 next year. PK4 registration begins April 4th so more are coming. Many are on transfer because they love Boone. Huge kudos to Rosalie, Amy and Lauren. You have made that program shine.

On Tuesday, bring your laptop and roster to the library for the training we have to do. I heard that we can get the job done right here so if you have your stuff you can do it at the meeting. There is nothing else to do to get ready before the meeting.

Next Thursday, the computer lab will be closed due to TELPAS required training for teachers doing the rating.

Boone will be taking 5th graders and their families to Explore UT on March 5th. This is the first time we have taken kids to UT for this cool day. AVID is paying for the bus and food to those that go. Erin, Paul, Jennifer and I will be going with the kids that day.

Those that have kids we are screening for GT, don't forget that those portfolios, forms, samples, student surveys, etc. are due next week. I am working to get kids tested next week too.

Computer update: I checked on the number of Chromebooks we ordered with our refresh money. We were able to purchase 280 devices. That is a huge number. No word on when they are coming yet.

If you get to the bottom of this, you have a reason to enjoy the next two days. I am taking a small vacation with my husband. I can't remember, literally years, the last time we have done something as a couple (no kids). I am going with him on a business trip to somewhere in Mexico. We leave tomorrow and get home late, late Sunday.