6th Grade News

January 25

The Sixth Grade Adventure Continues

January 24, 2015

Dear Parents of Sixth Graders,

Happy New Year!

Believe it or not, the class of 2021 has just passed the midpoint of their sixth grade year. As we embark on the second half of our adventures together, we would like to inform you of a few emendations to our daily schedule. Essentially, we have designed some new built-in times for reading, targeted public speaking practice, and more one-on-one access to all of the students teachers. These changes reflect our commitment to student engagement and to making the most of the time we have together.

A portion of each student’s Study Hall will now be dedicated specifically to reading activities; this will also create more time within Language Arts for targeted writing instruction. During this “Reading Lab”, students will have the opportunity to read aloud, learn strategies for improved comprehension, and practice independent reading. All of the core teachers will guide this lab.

Our new “Oratory Lab” will be a time for students to collaborate on developing their public speaking skills. Students will work together and with teachers on performing presentations, speeches, and dramatic interpretations of plays and stories. This lab will incorporate instruction on building confidence and connecting with audiences. We are excited to see what the students will gain from this experience and to see how they will apply it in our classes and beyond!

Finally, we have amended the schedule so that each student has at least a 30-minute Study Hall every day (previously, students “dropped” this block once a cycle). Study Hall is a time for students to get organized, work on their Learning Opportunities, and to meet individually with each of their teachers. We have adjusted the schedule so that students now have access in Study Hall to ALL of their teachers, including Latin and Spanish. (Previously, the rotating Study Hall block was during a time that Ms. Dill and Sra. Flores are teaching classes.)

Each cycle, we will continue to have a Math Lab (centered on giving guidance to children needing extra help with a specific skill or concept), student-centered clubs, as well as many occasions for reflection, playfulness, and community-building activities. We hope that the spring of 2015 will be a wonderful time of intellectual, social, and emotional growth for your child. We invite you to continue as partners in the conversation about how we can best support your child’s learning process. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch at any time!

All the best,

The Sixth Grade Team

Sharla Campbell, MaryKay Sexton, Geoff Harrison, Grace Ortman, Sandy Flores, Lauren Dill

Academic Updates


Students will continue to make connections between the past and the present in history. Students will research and submit their nominations for Time Magazine Renaissance Person of the Year! Thank you for discussing current events at home and helping your child become a global citizen!

English Language Arts

Students continue to work on crafting writing in a variety of genres; this spring the sixth grade will produce a literary magazine full of wonderful poems, short stories, essays, speeches and more. We will share more information on this upcoming publication soon! Sixth graders will also soon have the opportunity to get to know Shakespeare a bit better as we study the fantastically comedic play, "Twelfth Night".


Students will be working with percents for the next two weeks. They will work on percent equations, discounts, mark-up, and percent of change problems. We will also continue to develop our understanding of model drawing and continue to work on the Transalpine Math Rally problems. The Math Rally problems are designed to focus on perseverance and resilience as well as mathematics and logic.


From eggs in bottles to upside down cups of water, and various other demonstrations, the students are discovering the power of pressure and two important gas laws - Boyle's Law and Charles's Law. Along with this, students have been learning how to properly graph two variables and include appropriate labels. Each student is currently reading a scientist biography and will be presenting a book review on February 12th.


Students have conquered the first semester of 6th grade Spanish. The students are beginning their second skit in Spanish class. Skit parts are decided this week (by the students) and they will begin practicing the lines and acting out his or her parts. Both classes are also learning two new songs. We will play various games and have many communicative activities that allow the students to practice verb conjugation and new vocabulary. I am truly enjoying watching your children practice their Spanish in the classroom.


Students are exploring the ancient Roman empire through the perspective of the Flavius family who lived at a Roman fortress town in Roman Britain. As students read the stories, they are particularly focusing on the use of verbs in the language, which is similar to Spanish verb usages in many ways. Recently we spent almost an entire class period discussing the beginnings of Christianity in the city of Rome with the story of St. Peter's martyrdom. Ask your child about the phrase, "Domine, quo vadis?"

School Events

January 28 LS/MS Band and Orchestra Winter Carnival @ 6:30 PM Upper School Dell PAC

Feb. 5 LS Rhythms Night - Crusader Hall - 6 pm

Feb. 6 LS/MS Grandparents Day - Coffee/Registration in Nazro Hall 7:45-8:15 am

Feb. 6 LS/MS 11:30 AM Early Dismissal

Valentine's Day

Students may bring Valentine's Day cards for all of their sixth grade classmates or just for their homeroom. We ask that students do not bring special Valentine cards or gifts to avoid hurt feelings. Students should bring their Vanentine's Day cards to school Friday, February 13.