Welcome Back!!

Kick off for a great start to a new school year

A message from the principal

Hello Garfield Families and Friends!

On behalf of our entire staff, we are excited to be a part of your family for the 2017-18 school year. This edition of our newsletter is to bring important information to you before the start of the year. Our next edition will be at the end of September and will review all the great things that happened during the month of September as well as provide important upcoming dates.

Quick recap of how Garfield staff spent their summer vacations:

Our teachers spent 3 full days in July training with some extraordinary experts in the field of literacy. We had 100% turnout for the Garfield staff! Talk about dedication!

We also did some "remodeling" to create some collaborative space for our students to work. By moving some teachers around, we were able to create a "Collaboration Station" in the room near the gym. This will be an open area for all teachers to utilize to maximize student engagement and provide extra space for collaboration. While I would love to say the transformation is complete, we still have work to do. We will continue to transform that space as the year goes on. Rome wasn't built in a day...right?!?!

The collaboration station is only one part of what we're calling the "beautification plan". Throughout the year, we will be painting, adding pictures to the walls, and creating a more welcoming feeling when you walk in.

Our PBIS team also spent an entire day in early August planning and preparing for the new school year. We have lots of great ideas to help make Garfield an even more positive place to learn.

As you can see, our dedicated staff spent a great deal of time this summer preparing for the upcoming school year. As excited as I was last year to join the Garfield group, I'm even more excited this year. It was awesome to see all the families at our open house last week. What made it so much more amazing was to know the names and faces of the kids and their families. Looking forward to another great year! As always, thank you for your support as we help mold the students of Garfield into respectful productive citizens!

See you all on Tuesday!!

Cassandra Schultz



Important Dates

Sept 5 First Day of School & Picture Day (proofs will be sent home with child-no need to send money now)

Sept 11 PTO meeting 6:30

Sept 29 No School

Wacky Wednesday:

Sept 6 Wear purple or Marinette gear

Sept 13 Wear something that shows favorite sport or sports team

Sept 20 Sunglasses day

Sept 27 Class color day: 1st: Red 2nd: Black 3rd: Blue 4th: Green

Other Dates to remember

Oct 4 Walk to School Day

Oct 9 Picture retake day

Oct 26 Early Release 11:30

Oct 27 No School

Oct 31 Halloween

Nov 7 Parent Teacher Conferences 3:30-6:30

Nov 9 Parent Teacher Conferences 3:30-6:30

Nov 22-24 No School, Thanksgiving Break

Dec 4 No School

Dec 12 Garfield Christmas Program--1:30 at High School

Dec 25-Jan 1 Winter Break No School

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Changes to be made aware of:

Recess: The morning recess does not have a school wide "official" time directed by a bell. Instead, teachers will take their classes for recess when it best fits in their daily schedule. This may be 9:00 one day, but 9:30 another. A benefit of this flexibility is more supervision at recess as each teacher will be responsible for their class.

Lunch: Students will be using their ID badges for hot lunch. It will be important that students do not accidently take them home.

Important information on Snack Time

Keeping the mind focused is important for learning. As adults, we know it is difficult to focus when we are hungry. Students are welcome to bring a snack for school everyday. However, we do ask that students choose snacks that are compliant with the state and national standards that schools must abide by.

Healthy snacks such as pretzels, fruit, string cheese, vegetables, some granola bars, goldfish, and raisins are welcomed by all teachers. Snacks high in sugar or those that have little to no nutritional value such as Twinkies, candy bars, pop tarts, or a bag of chips/Doritos will not be allowed at snack time. These treats are fine for during lunch time when they are paired with other nutritional foods. However, they will not be allowed in the classroom for snack as they do not provide the necessary nutrition needed to refuel students to be able to focus and concentrate.

If your child takes hot lunch daily, please remember to pack them a snack if they would like to have a mid-morning snack in the classroom.

September Lunch Menu

In order to reduce the amount of paper being used, we will no longer be printing the lunch menu for each month. They will be available on Garfield's website as well as Class Dojo and our monthly newsletter. There is also one hanging just outside the office. Thank you for supporting our efforts to save costs and reduce waste.
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School Communications SO MANY OPTIONS!!!!

Volunteering at Marinette School District

Marinette School District has started a new process for doing background checks for those who would like to volunteer. Volunteers are approved for 2 consecutive school years.

If you are unsure if you are approved as a volunteer, please call Mrs. Cunningham at 715-735-2400 or email her at jcunning@marinette.k12.wi.us.

If it is time for you to redo a volunteer form, please complete the volunteer website, by clicking on this LINK.

Recycling Program to support our Libraries

Please help us out by recycling your items and supporting our libraries at the same time. Our schools participate in the CFK recycling program that recycles cell phones, laser & inkjet cartridges, laptops, iPods, tablets, ereaders, notebook computers, ipads, etc. There are only certain types of recycling that we can accept. Please check the CFK list here http://cfktoday.com/recyclelists.html before bringing your items to the school Library Media Center for recycling.

Morning Drop off

The school office hours are 7:40-4:00 should you need assistance from the office.

All students will enter the school through the doors from the playground. If a student is going to have breakfast, the gym doors located by the playground open at 7:40. Please do not send kids to any other doors as they will be redirected to the playground.

We welcome parents/guardians to sit with their child until the 7:55 bell. After a warm hug good-bye, please have your child enter the building on their own.

For safety purposes parents should not be in the halls without a visitor pass.

Safety is our biggest concern


The parking lot on Elizabeth St. will not be an entrance or exit for students. Due to the amount of traffic that comes through this area, we will not be allowing the students to enter or exit these doors. Please do not drop them off or pick them up in this area.


Teachers will sometimes bring students outside for purposeful play at the end of the day. Because of this, we are asking parents to remain on the outside of the fence around the playground until school lets out at 3:00.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding our need to keep kids safe.


Joe Deegan-- School Psychologist

Katie Rabas-- Social Worker

Amanda Klein-- 3rd Grade Teacher

Renae Prange-- Educational Associate

Vanessa Marlink-- Art teacher

Heather Langer-- Music teacher

Online Registration

Thank you for taking the time to register your child online in Skyward. This has significantly reduced the amount of time and resources used to keep your information up to date.

If you have NOT registered your child yet, please contact Mrs. Cunningham as soon as possible for your Login and Password.

We want to make sure that ALL information on your child is up to date....If there is an emergency we may not have the correct phone number, they may not be able to go on field trips, or use the computer.