It healed my Cavities and Decay

My Personal Experience about Tooth Problems

I did coconut oil pulling, twice daily, for several weeks and every now and then I’d get an itty bitty piece of tartar that would just crumble off when flossing. Made my teeth super smooth and my following dental cleaning was even less eventful than it normally is.
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Oil pulling did not help remineralize my teeth however, which was the point in me trying it (pregnancy/hormones was rough on my teeth, I think mostly due to the persistent dry mouth it gave me) and so I stopped because I don’t really have issues with tartar and the texture of the oil after pulling it for awhile triggered my gag reflex hard. It was not worth it for me.

What did help remineralize my teeth was SteelBitePro. Not only did it resolve my sensitivity issues, you could visibly see the positive improvement in my teeth enamel.

I don’t have pregnancy/hormone induced dry mouth issues anymore but I still use this because I know firsthand that it works.