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Upcoming Events

Pay Day Treats

Pay Day treats will be provided by PSC, ESC, and the counselor.

Cookie Exchange

Click on the link below to find out more information!


Ridgeview’s Annual Festive Sweater Contest is Wednesday, December 21st! Prizes will be awarded for the most adorable, most festive, most sparkle, and the most colorful.

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12 Days of Christmas Drawings

12 Days of Christmas drawings will start Monday, December 5th.
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Holiday Happy Hour

The Ridgeview Holiday Happy Hour will be after break. Stay tuned for more details.

Recognition Days 2016-2017

To celebrate all the hard work that our staff does each day, we have assigned each recognition day to a team. Please see the schedule below. Each team will be asked to do a little something special for the people being recognized. Suggestions would be a small gift bag for each person, provide lunch for them, or bring treats to share with the entire staff in their honor, etc. You may want to look on Pinterest under “staff recognition” for any fun, inexpensive ideas for your classroom to prepare for these special days. Before each recognition day, the PSC committee will send reminders to the entire staff to make cards (cards and hugs from the students are always the best gift!).

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