Relationships and Identity

By Sam Berend

Informed Conscience

Informed conscience is when you're about to make a choice and you have a clear understanding and are aware of the positive and also the negative outcomes. But it's also your own choice, based on the individuals own morals and beliefs. E.g, Sex, the positive side of it is that it can be fun. But the negative side of it is that you can cause pregnancy or catch an STD or an STI.

Catholic Church teachings on Sexual Intimacy.

The Catholic churches' teachings on sexual intimacy, is that sexual intimacy or acts outside the binding of marriage is strongly objected to and is im-moral. Sexual acts or intimacy inside marriage is moral, but it must be between a man and a woman.

The Churches teachings on Contraceptives

The Catholic Churches teachings on contraceptives such as condoms (male and female) ,spermicides, depo provera, the morning after pill, oral contraceptives, diaphragm, intrauterine device (IUD), vasectomy and tubal ligation (sterilisation) is not supported by the church in any way, and is strongly objected to by the church because it stops pro-creation. Because it is said to be im-moral. The only contraceptives that the church does approve of is abstinence because you're not having any sexual intimacy and also ovulation prediction because they are natural methods and also brings to couples together, as long as it's during marriage and also it doesn't interfere with pro-creation.

What is a healthy relationship?

A healthy relationship is a working bond between two or more people. Such as having an equal say to one and respecting their ideas, morals and opinions. But the most important factor of having a healthy working relationship is above all, respect. To maintain a healthy relationship you need to be willing to sacrifice time to be with someone. You need to be really flexible to cope with the other persons decisions. Even if you don’t like what the other person has chosen or decided, you need to go with and respect the decision, just to maintain the healthy relationship.

Relationship can be tested, the other person could do something that you don’t agree with or they don’t believe in the same things as you. Such as their morals or opinions, you need to respect that. Because a relationship won’t flow or work if you disagree and on the smallest things such as little beliefs. You need to have respect to maintain a healthy relationship.