Thank you Soldiers!

Thank you for fighting and being brave!

Stay Strong and Soldier On

You chose to go and fight to protect the united states, knowing that you have put your life in the hands of your platoon members, knowing your at the risk of losing your life but being brave and being strong. You all fight for a cause you believe in that's' what is so amazing. You may have blood on your hands and tears on your face, you may be having the worst luck and the most horrible days sometimes but you have to remember that your not alone, because you always have people missing you and loving you and caring for you even if you don't know it. So stay strong because there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

Be Proud

When soldiers leave their homes to cross sea and fight, they are not just leaving their home, they are also taking with them memories and fighting to keep on to those memories. Sometimes the warmest thing on a cold sad night is 1 happy thought and that what keeps many people going so please don't be sad and think of only you leaving and getting ready to risk your life, Be Proud that your protecting your country fighting for the people you love, and getting to hold onto the thoughts and warmth of home. Be Proud that you have saved lives and protected others!

This is a poem i wrote for you all, because you are all amazing people

Soldiers Strong and brave

Soldier proud, soldiers strong, soldiers marching one by one. Fighting for a sacred cause, i know its tough i know its hard. You may feel lost, you may feel cold, but always remember your not alone. There's people who care about you all, even if you do not know, so just stay strong and soldier on.


___Faith Edwards