It is a bird that can not fly.  It  is a vertebrate.  They start out as a egg.  They  have  feathrs. They have two legs. Has two eyes. Six claws.A beak.Some feathrs.Silky belly. And difrent colers.It takes 2 months for mother to get back.
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It lives in antartica wich is cold and icee. with lots of predetors. It is also very very slipry. There favorite meal Is there too.it iIs so cold eggs warm up in parents fat.so slipry they belly slide.So cold they hudle.


Penguins have beaks to catch food. They alsoneed it to feed there young. They also have webbed feet to swim. They screech to scare away predators. There fins help glide throu the water. They do not  have feathers so they can swim. If there feet hurt  they belly slide. They waddle.

Life Cycle

First  it is an  egg then it hatches . Next it is a chiks. after that they are an adult.
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Food Chain

Sea weed gives energy  to sardean.sardean gives energy to squid. squid gives energy to emperer penguin. emperer penguin gives energy to petral. petral gives energy to leapard seal. leapard seal dies turns into sea weed.
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