Self Reflection

By: Jodi More

My Top 3 Career Clusters

Health Science - In the Health Science cluster you would promote health and wellness or diagnose and treat injuries and disease. You could work directly with people. Or you could work in laboratories to get information used in research or diagnosis. Health service employees go to work at a variety of different sites. Some work in hospitals, offices, or laboratories. Others work on cruise ships, at sports arenas, or within communities.

Finance - In the occupations in the Finance cluster, you would keep track of money. You might provide financial services to a business or individual. Your work could include maintaining records or giving advice to business executives on how to operate their business. You could work in financial planning, banking, or insurance.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics - If you choose to work in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics cluster, you have several avenues. One avenue is to do scientific research in laboratories or the field. Another option is to be involved in the planning and design of products and systems. The last avenue is to provide support to the scientists, mathematicians, and engineers so they can do their work.

Two Of My Most Important Work Locators

Achievement - People for whom achievement is important like to see the results of their work and to use their strongest abilities. They like to get a feeling of accomplishment from their work.

Recognition - People for whom recognition is important like to work in jobs which have opportunities for them to advance, be recognized for their work, and direct and instruct others. They usually prefer jobs in which they are looked up to by others.

My Key Interest Areas (ISE)

Investigative - People with investigative interests like work activities that have to do with ideas and thinking more than with physical activity. They like to search for facts and figure out problems mentally rather than to persuade or lead people.

Social - People with social interests like work activities that assist others and promote learning and personal development. They prefer to communicate more than to work with objects, machines, or data. They like to teach, to give advice, to help, or otherwise be of service to people.

Enterprising - People with enterprising interests like work activities that have to do with starting up and carrying out projects, especially business ventures. They like persuading and leading people and making decisions. They like taking risks for profit. These people prefer action rather than thought.

The career choices with my top 3 traits would be:

Animal Scientists

Animal Caretakers

Real Estate Agents

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My Personality Traits


Extraversion - Someone who likes to be around people and enjoys being the center of attention.

Intuition - Someone that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.

Feeling - Feelers decide based primarily through social considerations, listening to their heart and considering the feelings of others.

Judging - Judgers approach life in a structured way, creating plans and organizing their world to achieve their goals and desired results in a predictable way.

ENFJs direct their energy outward. They are gregarious, talkative and assertive. They love people and social gatherings. They are energized by interaction, are expressive and enthusiastic. ENFJs are Intuitive. They are imaginative and deep. Their thought process is abstract and focused on possibilities. They are idealistic and complex people.

ENFJs are Feelers that make decisions with their heart. They are passionate and profoundly empathetic, caring and warm. ENFJs are decisive, organized and structured. They like to complete tasks and they seek closure. ENFJs often plan ahead.

Very Satisfying Skills

Working with the Public - Representing the organization and communicating with persons outside the organization.

Motor Coordination - Coordinating movements of two or more limbs together.

Information Gathering - Locating and identifying information.

Using Knowledge - Using work-related experience.

Safety of Others - Managing the work environment to provide for the health and safety of others.

What I Learned

I learned more about myself and what possible careers I would do well in. I have a wide variety of options but i stay more focused on Health Sciences and Science because i like they way they are hands on.

If i had to choose a job out of that range it would have to be a real estate agent or a dental hygienist.I prefer not to have routines and i like to have a variety of everyday objectives rather than constantly doing the same things over and over.

I like to have interaction with people and animals. I'm good at explaining things in ways people will understand that would be helpful in the future if i still plan on my plans to become a Veterinary Technician.

What Careers Might I Consider

I would consider being a Veterinary Technologists/Technicians,

Veterinarian, or a Real Estate Agent.