How to get a girl! :D

The cool way!


  1. Yourself
  2. That lucky girl

Step One!

1. It is simple, make sure you are single.

Step Two!

2. Make sure you are decent looking. A girl will say that they want a guy with a honest and nice personality but in reality, they want a guy who looks like a model from Calvin Klein.
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Step Three!

3. Make the girl laugh by being funny. If you can get her to laugh then you are practically all good.

Step Four!

4. Compliment her on something, her hair, face, smile, something. It will make her feel good about herself and make you look good. (Do not be too creepy though because that will ruin everything)

Step Five!

5. Tease her; for example, be a little mean but nice at the same time. Maybe tickle her or something similar to that but if she does not like that, stop, because she might injure you.

Step Six:

6. Talk about her and get to know her. Do not make the conversation all about yourself because she will lose interest in you and it will make you look bad.

Questions and Answers:

Q: What is the best thing to compliment on a girl?

A: Basically, her face. Tell she is beautiful but never hot or sexy.

Q: How can I start to talk about her?

A: Just simply ask about her. If you want to make her giggle then ask why she is so beautiful or something like that; she will love it.