The Invention of Mozilla Firefox

Invented 1998

Mozilla FIrefox

My invention is a search engine you can use to look up things or to research things. My invention was in 1998. Dave Hyatt and Blake Ross invented Mozilla Firefox. This product got invented to replace Netscape.It was updated a lot of times it was updated to go faster and to be a better website. There was the Phoenix Browser and the Phoenix vo.1 in Sept. 2002

3 Cool Facts:

1.) Firefox is open source and is the only browser made by a not for profit, mission-driven organisation.

2.) Firefox Developer Edition is the first browser design ed specifically for developers.

3.)Firefox is available not only for Windows, Mac and Linux-based desktops, but on Android phones and tablets, too. In fact, Firefox for Android has been downloaded from the Google Play Store more than 80 million times.

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