by Galatea Pauling


Land and climate

In the summer it is green and no snow. In the winter it snows and snows and snows and you get what I mean. There are mountains and valleys. Don't forget the animals that live there on land and in the sea. Canada is the second largest country.


French is there official language. Quebecois are people that live in Quebec and speak French. Only one out of five Canadians speak other languages than English and French.


The early natives tribes are Innu, Inuit, Beothuk, Micmac and Malecite. The first Europeans visitors that we know of were the Vikings. The French arrived in the 1600s. Britain of cores fought with you got it France for the territory.


67 percent are Christians,14 percent are Catholic but in urban areas Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, and Sikhism are growing because of immigrant populations.

Population size

  • 35,099,836
  • There growth rate 0.75%
  • The urban population is 81.65%


Get together are often unannounced gest are not. Wintertime gest always remove there shoes, hats, coats at the door unless they are told not to.


A handshake and "Hello, how are you?" are one of the most common greetings. Waving your hand and nodding your head is another way to say hello. French Canadian people will greet their friends bye saying "Bonjour!" with a light kiss on he cheek.


67% of the population is Christian so we share most Christian holidays. Canada day is a holiday that we don't celebrate this holiday. Canada day is July the 1 they celebrate this holiday as a reminder of how two great colonies named Nova Scotia and New Brunswick united.

Personal Appearance

Canadians when not at work they dress like us jeans and shirts. Girls there don't were make up or jewelry.

Dating and Marriage

Canadians usually begins dating at 13 to 16. Young Canadians don't get married until they are 30. Women that marry can keep there maiden names or go by there husband's last name.


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I would like to thank my sister Antigone for helping me.