Growth Mindset

How does it effect your life

can you force your brain to rewire or does it happen naturally?

yes, we belive that you can rewire your brain but it does take time so you need to be commited to it. if you are interestded in the brain continue reading.

growth mindset

the growth mindset is verry diferent then the fixed mindset, in the growth mindset you take in criticism to help you, you take new chalenges and you, commit to things you want to do.

fixed minset

the fixed mindset is verry different from the growth mindset, in the fixed mindset you try to get rid of negative comments, whem a challenge seems too hard you give up easily. yes we know a growth mindset sounds a lot better, put your mind to it and you can have a growth mindset too!.

yes if you would like to have a growth mindset you can, it will take a while but you can do it!