Monday Memo

Weekly Campus and Principal Update

Calendar Reminders:

Tomorrow, Tues. 2/11 Staff Meetings @ 8:15 and 4:20 in the Library

Thurs, 2/13 Leadership Team Meeting @ 8:15 Library Viewing Room

Friday, 2/14 Pledge forms are due for 61 Thousand Reasons to Give

Monday, 2/17 Professional Development Day, Student Holiday

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Required SafeSchools Training Reminder

I've sent a separate email as a reminder about the SafeSchools training you need to complete by March 7th. You will already have received in January a separate email to direct you to the log on page with directions. This may be something you want to tackle on Monday depending on your coordinator's schedule for the day.

Graduation Mindset for Tuesday ~ Academic Passion

Today's Graduation Mindset video challenges students to explore and act on their academic passion. Following the video, discuss with students their interests. Find out if any of your students have summer plans as interns or jobs in their career interests. Engage students in planning for next steps ~ many won't know how to take the initiative to create opportunities for themselves.

For a thoughtful closure, feel free to share these tweets from seniors giving advice to freshmen ~