The Evolution of Cirque Du Soleil

Started in 1984

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What is Cirque Du Soleil?

If you don't know what Cirque Du Soleil is, it is a Canadian entertainment company. There are many different acts that go on in one of the shows. The technology and tools used have also changed throughout the years as well.


Today, you have to pay 59-89 dollars depending on the show to get in. You may think that that is not too much but usually more than one person may go

Who is in this operation?

In Cirque Du Soleil, there are over 4,000 employees and 1300 preforming artists. Everyone in the production works very hard and I hope one day you can see all of these people at work
Cirque Du Soleil - The Early Years
Cirque du Soleil Mystere 1995 Treasure Island Las Vegas
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