My (Non-Flying) Superhero

By Grace

My Hero, Karen

My hero is my mom, Karen Tobey. She is a stay at home mom and an an entrepreneur. She has invented the Gogglemate. They are goggles that float and don't pull your hair! My amazing mom also enjoys painting. She has already sold multiple paintings online on her Etsy Store!

What a Hero Is

To some people, a hero is someone who bounds though burning buildings or saves a cat from a tree. However, a hero can doesn't have to be out of the ordinary. They could be anyone. This could include someone like a neighbor, parent, or even your great grandfather. There is always something that anyone can do to improve the world. According to Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, “Chicago's homeless population is made up of 47.4% families, including 33% children and 14% adults. Unaccompanied homeless youth made up 5.8%. Single adults made up 46.8% or 43,852 people.” Heroes are people who will donate money and time to charities. Heroes are people who will drive that extra 30 minutes to donate clothes. Heroes are people who will help the less fortunate and strive to be their best.

A hero is a mother who takes time out of her family to help give out food at the local soup kitchen. Imagine a family that buys food and drives to Chicago to hand out food to the less fortunate. They are taking time out of their family day so that other have a meal on this special day. The less forth family that gets the food is grateful and starts to cry tears of joy as the kids dig into the meals. It is all worth it just to put a smile on someone's face. Heroes put others’ needs before theirs. They go out of their way to make life easier for others. Heroes believe that they are blessed with a roof over their head and food on their table.

A hero can be anyone that strives to do their best. For instance, my mom once wanted to start a business. In the beginning, it was just for the good of my siblings and myself. My mom, Karen Tobey, turned in an entrepreneur when she invented the Gogglemate. Basically it was a soft fabric that was clipped to the back of your goggles. They float, come in hip designs, and don't pull your hair! My mom thought it was a great idea, and so did we. However, some people thought differently. They told my mom rude remarks about how her business would never make it. This did bring her confidence down, however she persevered through it. This taught me that a hero never stops doing what they want to. My mom never stopped doing what she loved. She blocked out the mean comments are strived for her own perfection. Heroes are people who have perseverance and strive to do their own best.

All in all, Heroes are people who will help the less fortunate and strive to be their best. These people do what they need to to make themselves and others happy.

How this relates to my hero

Learning how to bake an angel food cake connects to my hero in many ways. My hero, Karen Tobey, always strives to make new things and be the best she can. As a stay at home mom, she has to take care of her children. She constantly tried to do her best to raise us. She tries to cook the best meals for us. My mom also loves to cook and tries new recipes and things. About a month ago she ordered many meals from Blue Apron. This is an organization where you can order food online. They deliver it to your house and you make them. My mom decided to try this because she loves new, fancy, and healthy meals! This is what makes my personal hero, Karen Tobey, connected to baking a delicious angel food cake.