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Irish school system

Ireland has some of the best students and test scores. But how do they do it? Well now we know how students are graded, the daily schedule, vacation times, and dress codes. These are only a few of the factors that are involved in the Irish school life


The grading in Ireland is some what different than what Americans are used to. In Ireland, a 75% is a B-, whereas in America, it is a C. Another example of this is the latter grade A- in Ireland is a B in America. Though the difference is slim, it still could have a large impact on your grades at school.

Daily Schedule

Ireland's school schedule is much different from Americas school schedules. In Ireland, schools are required to open primary school level for 183 days per year, where as America depends no the state. Some states in America rank from about 170 days per year to about 180 days per year, but different states do more days. For post primary level in Ireland, the required amount of days would be 167 days per year.


While students are in primary school, their summer vacation is usually 2 months long. As students move up to secondary school, however, they get 3 moths summer vacation. School starts on September 1st, however, bringing their breake to an end. During Christmas, they generally have December 20th through January 6th off, and enjoy the holiday. For Easter, school closes April 11th and reopens April 28th.

Dress Code

Ireland's dress code is pretty similar to Americas. Except, Ireland has a dress code that's somewhat more strict than Americas. The difference would be, most schools in Ireland have to wear uniforms and they are more specific on what you are allowed to wear. One of the things that they stress would be the color of the uniform, every school has a different color. Another thing schools stress about is how you wear your hair or how long it is. The last thing some schools stress about would be what shoes you wear, for most schools they have to have shoelaces but for other schools they have to be dress shoes. It really all depends what school you go to. Not all schools in Ireland have the same dress code, some schools don't require their students to wear uniforms.

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Overall Views

Irish schools have some of the best test scores and best students. Some of the factors that contribute to the schools would be their grading system, dress code, daily schedule, and vacation times.