How to stop polluton

Different solutions for a better community

The Problem: things we shouldn't do

Around the world people are polluting our rivers, drinking water, and the very oceans that animals call home and this is all done by our own actions. People using fertilizer before it rains, pouring car oil down storm drains, and factories draining their spills into lakes and rivers are all forms of pollution.

The Solutions: things you can do

There are several solutions to pollution. First, you should check the weather forecast before fertilizing whatever you call a garden. Next, you should put our car's oil in bucket or can so you can store it safely in a place where no one or nothing will be harmed, and third, factories should use biodegradable material and dispose of their pollutants. You can spread the word about these three ways to combat pollution and there are more answers out then just the ones named and more problems as well.