Seagoville Quarterly Newsletter

Third Quarter 2021

Fireworks in the Park July 2nd!

Join the City of Seagoville, the Seagoville Chamber of Commerce and the Seagoville Economic Development Corporation for a great family evening in Seagoville.
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Fire Department News and Fireworks Reminder

The Fire Department hopes all of our citizens are kicking off the summer and having a good time. We would also like to remind citizens to stay hydrated in the heat this year. Lack of hydration in this hot weather will lead to heat exhaustion and eventually a heat stroke. Please stay safe as you celebrate our Nation’s Independence this year. We look forward to continuing to serve our citizens and thank you for your support.

The City of Seagoville wants to remind its citizens that the use of fireworks inside or near city limits is prohibited. The City Ordinance states:

(a) The city council hereby declares the use or discharge of fireworks within the city limits and extending five thousand feet (5,000') outside the city limits a public nuisance. The city manager or designee is hereby authorized to take appropriate actions to abate such nuisance.

(b) It shall be a public nuisance and unlawful and an offense for any person to use or discharge fireworks within the city limits and extending five thousand feet (5,000') outside the city limits.

Violation of the fireworks ordinance may result in a fine up to $2000.00

Police Department news


The Texas summer heat is quickly approaching. Animals left outside are required by City Ordinance and State Law to have adequate food, water and shelter to protect them from the weather.

City Ordinance also prohibits animals from being left or confined in a vehicle that could endanger the animal due to heat and lack of water. Please care for our fur-ever friends during the impending heat this summer.


Heat is one of the leading weather dangers in Texas. Everyone is vulnerable to the heat, but some more so than others. It is NEVER safe to leave a child or pet locked in your car.

If you have a toddler in your household, lock your cars, even in your own driveway. Kids play in cars or wander outside and can get into a car and succumb to the heat in ten minutes. These tragedies can be avoided by taking simple safety measures.

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Municipal Court News

The Seagoville Municipal Court lobby is open in order to assist the public with their citations.

Beginning in July all hearings will be held in person. Social distancing will be enforced and Zoom hearings will be available upon request.

Please contact the court at (972) 287-2192 for additional information.

Seagoville Municipal Court

702 N. Highway 175

Seagoville, Texas 75159

Visit for online payments or dismissal options.

Seagoville Library Virtual Summer Reading Program

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Log Your Reading Time in the Reader Zone App

Summer Reading info:

We will be using Reader Zone this summer to help you log your child's reading. Using the app is easy. When you sign up you will select the program with your child's age group. You can also sign up to complete other activities that are listed. Our library sign in code is b41b0. Below are some instructions on how to set up your account. If you have any questions please call the library at 972-287-7720

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Defend Your Drains Seagoville

Many people do not understand how the plumbing in their house works, or how the greater wastewater system works.

Here we will explain it all and why it is so important to: Defend Your Drains.

  • Defend Your Drains

Just because it can go down does not mean it should.

  • Wipes ARE NOT Toilet Paper
Learn why wipes, paper towels or even tissues should not be flushed.

  • Fats, Oils and Grease
Do not belong in your sink.

Dallas County Home Chemical Collection Center Returns to Regular Schedule

Dallas County announces they will be returning to their regular schedule at the Dallas County Home Chemical Collection Center, beginning July 6, 2021.

  • Tuesday - 9:00 am until 7:30 PM.
  • Wednesday and Thursday - 8:30 AM until 5:00 PM.
  • 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month from 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM.

The Home Chemical Collection Center is located in Dallas at 11234 Plano Road and is free to Seagoville residents.

Residents of participating cities will not be charged for dropping off wastes if they present a current driver's license and utility bill to verify current address in the city.

The Home Chemical Collection Center accepts only household waste such as paint, pesticides and yard chemicals, pool chemicals, motor oil and other automotive fluids, cleaners, glues and other hobby products, fluorescent light tubes, batteries, etc. Items not accepted include business waste, common trash and recyclables, radioactive materials, explosives, ammunition, or bio-medical waste.

For information on how to dispose of unacceptable materials please call Dallas County at

(214) 553-1765.

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Dates to Remember

  • Monday, July 5, 2021- Seagoville City Hall, Library and Senior Center are closed in observance of Independence Day.
  • Monday, September 6, 2021 - Seagoville City Hall, Library and Senior Center are closed in observance of Labor Day.