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Kindergarten Kiddos

Earth Day Week!

This week we learned all about Earth Day and the 3R's (reduce, reuse, and recycle) We talked about how we could take care of the Earth and why we need to do so!

In reading this we week we read stories about how to protect our Earth, learned about sentences and their order, worked on the difference between nouns and verbs, and working on our ending sounds.

In writing we wrote "Earth Day Words," and worked on writing sentences. We also made our own acrostic poem using the word EARTH and then we did it with our name.

In math we reviewed our shapes, their names, how many sides they have, and corners. We looked at flat shapes and solid shapes! We also did more review on counting coins, and telling time.

Next Week!

We will continue to learn things about the outside and doing activities with Arbor day!

We will continue to work on writing and building more and more sentences, working on nouns, verbs, and adjectives.

We will also begin our last round of Dibels tests, and begin assessing for the report card!

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April Birthdays!

April 3- Reese B.

April 10- MRS. BURT

April 26- Reece and Rylee

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Dates To Know

April 22- Southside Talent Show

May 5- Ag Day at the Fairgrounds

May 11- Field Trip to the Children's Museum!

May 24-Kindergarten Program 1:30

May 25- LAST DAY of Kindergarten

Practice counting by 5's and 10's with these fun videos!

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