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August- REMC Classroom Makers Newsletter

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Welcome to the REMC Classroom Makers Newsletter!

This newsletter is intended to keep you updated on all the happenings within the project and our statewide Classroom Maker Ambassador program.

Be sure to visit the REMC Classroom Makers website for more information about the project.

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Fall 2019 Classroom Maker Training

Registration is open to all Cohort 2 (2019-2020) Ambassadors.

Registration for REMC Classroom Maker: Big Picture on August 23rd has been opened for all Cohort 1 (2018-2019) Ambassadors or others that would like to attend.

Please use the button link below to register for all trainings.

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Meet the 2019-2020 Classroom Maker Ambassadors!

We are pleased to announce the new REMC Classroom Maker Ambassadors for the 2019-2020 school year. These 79 Classroom Maker Ambassadors will participate in a wide-range variety of professional development events focused on Maker-style learning such as Literature and STEAM, Engineering, 3D Printing, Coding, Digital Creation, Connecting Makers to Assistive Technology and other relevant topics.

Use button below to see the full list of ambassadors!

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REMC Classroom Maker Summit Recap

"Just wanted to let you know that the Makers Summit was the best PD of my teaching career!! Just a fantastic day of learning and networking." - Beth Rittenberg Vassar Schools

The second annual REMC Classroom Maker Summit was a huge success! With over 150 teachers in attendance, the day was filled with 40 hands-on sessions facilitated by classroom teachers and EdTechs from around the state. It was exciting to see teachers learning together, networking with one another, and playing and tinkering with new materials.

Check out pictures and video from the event in the photo album link below.

Look for the REMC Maker Summit 2020 dates and location coming this fall!

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TELLO Drones are coming to your REMC!

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This summer REMC launched a brand new training course for teachers, “Coding and Drones.” This REMC project combines coding and the art of aerial drone control. This “train the trainer” event is designed to establish a network of “Coding and Drones” trainers across Michigan, and provide two complete drone kits to local area REMC. Much like the free Maker kits currently offered through local REMCs, the drone kits will also be available for teachers to borrow to determine if they are a good fit for their school program.

Check out more at #remcdrones

NEW BOOKS! Thanks STEM Through Literature

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Thanks to the REMC Classroom Makers Project, every ISD will be receiving three complete sets of books shown on the STEM Through Literature site. Three additional titles will be added soon. These books will be available to borrow along with any of the maker materials that are currently being lent to teachers/schools.

Check out more about the project and the list of books on the website below.

Maker Materials on REMC Save!

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Check out all the great things REMC Save has to offer for Maker materials!
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About REMC Classroom Makers

REMC Classroom Makers (#cmakers) provides local REMCs with maker training, curriculum and materials to be used with their districts to support and expand curricula and learning.

The Classroom Makers project believes that all humans are makers with the inclination and capacity to shape one’s world through building, tinkering, redesigning, or hacking. From the national stage to local Michigan classrooms, students can experience the integration of the maker ethos that reinforces engagement, student empowerment, curiosity, encourages a willingness to learn, and to create in a low-pressure environment.

Questions? Please contact one of our project managers:

John Phillips

Ann Smart

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