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Google Slides

If you've been using PowerPoint for years and now have a large library of PowerPoint presentations, switching over to Google Slides may not be appealing. But -- fortunately Google Drive converts them pretty easily.

To convert a large number of files, it can be very helpful to set Google Drive to automatically convert any file that is added to it (if Google has a corresponding file type, such as Word to Docs or Excel to Sheets).

here's how:

First, go to and click the Settings icon (the gear) on the right side. Then, choose Settings.

On the next screen, look for the checkbox to "convert uploads". If this is not checked, go ahead and check it. If it's already checked, then you're ready to go.

Enabling the "convert uploads" option allows Google to automatically turn a PowerPoint file into a Google Slides file (or a Microsoft Word file into a Google Doc) that can be edited and shared. Without this option enabled, it will just upload a PowerPoint file into Drive that will need to be downloaded to edit. You can always convert a Microsoft file after uploading it, but that will leave you with copies in your drive that can get messy and annoying to sort through. It can be helpful to get into habit of deleting the old Microsoft file from Drive once it's been converted and checked for any formatting issues. Then, you'll only have one copy that you will know is current.

Why Google Slides Instead of PowerPoint?

With Google Slides, you will lose some (admittedly) nice animations and transitions, but if your intention is to share a slideshow with colleagues or with students, then Google Slides is so much more beneficial. Slideshows tend to get tweaked and changed constantly. If you've shared a slideshow and you update it, you won't have to worry about re-sending the updated copy since the recipients will always only see the current version.

Also, your slideshow is easily available to you from any computer, tablet or phone.

And for anyone that loves picking out fun, atypical fonts, having your slideshow "cloud-based" (which it would be in Google Slides), you won't have to worry about which fonts are or aren't installed on a computer when opening on different computers. Google's fonts will open anywhere, so there will never be any formatting issues!

Thanks for reading!

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