Pursuing A Career In Business

Prepare for the Future

My Personality Type

  • Based on the Jung and Myers Briggs personality test, I learned my 4 letter personality code is:


  • Extroverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Judging

  • According to this test the careers suitable for my personality are:

  1. Business Planner

  2. Business Consultant

  3. Office Manager

  4. Entrepreneur

Understanding the Holland Code

  • There are six personality types in Holland's model: Realistic, Investigative, Social, Conventional, Enterprising, and Artistic.

- My six-letter personality type is E-S-C-I-R-A & my top three categories/themes are: RIC

-Based on my Holland code I would describe myself as independent, and dependable. I'm realistic and conventional. I like to plan ahead of time and make sure everything is done on time. I prefer to think rather than to act and I am not apt to be too "people oriented."

  • Bases on my Holland Code, 4 occupations that match my personality are:
  1. Chief Executive
  2. Marketing Managers
  3. Agents and Business Management
  4. Business Teachers

Job outlook for being a Chief Executive

  • Education Level Needed: Bachelor's degree
  • Salary: $173,320
  • Personality Traits Needed: Leadership, Integrity, Dependability
  • Knowledge needed: Business, Arts & Humanities, Safety and Government, Math and Science

My Ultimate Career Goal

  • I want to SUCCEED in the world of Business
- In the future I want to be able to help companies make more money and earn greater profits