Christopher Marlowe

By Jay Roberto

Birth and Death of Marlowe

  • Christopher Marlowe was born on around february 6, 1564
  • He was born in Canterbury, England
  • He died May 30, 1593
  • He was murdered in a bar fight

Education and lifestyle

  • Spent most of his life writing plays and at theaters
  • He attended the same school as shakespeare and was in the same graduated class
  • Attended King's school in Canterbury
  • He was a scholarship student
  • He was a playwright and a poet
  • Was in a higher social class (same social class of shakespeare

Marlowe's Patrons

The tragical history of of doctor Faustus

When it was created and Where you can find it today

  • This play was created in 1592
  • It still is being published in books throughout the world

Summary about this play

This play is about a man named Doctor Faustus who sells his soul to the devil for knowledge and power, this play is a tragedy because Faustus ends up dieing.

Why is this interesting

I chose this piece because it was a religious play in the renaissance and it was one of the first that had a person sell his soul to the devil.

Why is this play signifigant

This play was significant because he has written other stories about Faustus and this was the most famous one.

What "ism" or renaissance ideal does this play support

  • Individualism because in this play Faust is being himself
  • Skepticism because after this play people probably were questioning "Is this really possible?"