November Newsletter

What Happened this Month in Third Grade

Solar System Fotobabble

This month we focused on the Solar System, all the planets, and their many different characteristics. To keep the lesson engaging for the students, each student chose a planet to draw and create their own perception of the plant based off the characteristics and components they learned throughout the lesson. Once each student completed their picture or creation, they constructed 5 sentences that highlighted the plants qualities and characteristics. When both objectives were completed, each student developed a Fotobabbe that displayed their artwork and facts about their planet.

Story Time!

This month in our writing and vocabulary time, the students were able to create their own unique stories while incorporating at least 10 of their vocabulary words. The students were given the guidelines that their must be three characters involved within the story. These stories will also be made into Fotobabble's beginning this week! Once completed we will share them with all of you!

Upcoming Events

Coming up in December, our third grade class will have a fulfilled holiday month. We will be reviewing A Christmas Carol within our reading curriculum. We will end the month by watching A Christmas Carol at our annual Christmas Party Celebration on December 23rd, 2015 at 12:30. If you would like to participate or contribute to our Christmas party, please visit our Signup sheet found on our classroom website.

Don't forget we will be off school for the holiday season from December 24th through January 11th.


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