Malware, Spyware and Adware

And ways to stay safe from them

Key terms for malware and information about them

  • Virus - These spread around on your computer as it would as a flu virus from person to person. And the computer viruses spread the same, they spread from file to file when opened. Then the computer stats to copy the virus to other files.
  • Trojan or Trojan Horse - These are like worms and they do not spread so they do not self replicate. They steal information or harm the operating system.
  • Worm - These are programmed but not to harm the computer. They also steal information.
  • Keystroke Logging or Key Logging - Key logging is also a type of malware which records what you type on the keyboard. This could lead up to exposing your password, personal details including your bank details.
  • Spyware - These can lead to computer problems like application freezing and the computer can become very slow. And there could be a high usage of CPU (Computer process usage) and unusual behavior.
  • Malware - Malware is a type of program which can steal information, mess up the computer and gain access to private computers.
  • Adware - Adware is a type of software which comes from advertisements like when it says click here you have won a £1000. But there is adware hidden.

Ways to protect from malware, adware and spyware

Firewall - Firewall is basically a strong wall in the middle so it is between the internet and the computer. It blocks risky connections and websites on the internet.

Anti-Virus - This is a software which protects you and deletes any thing which could harm your computer. Normally they have firewall built in. E.g. McAfee Internet Security, AVG.