Escape From Warsaw

Activity One


The Similarities between Edek from "escape from Warsaw" and Anne from "The Diary Of Anne Frank" are that they are both sent to a labor camp, both had escaped the nazi's at one point, and both have older sisters.

The Differences are: Edek had to steal food and earn it while anne got it for free. Anne died at a labor camp but Edek Managed to escape, Lastly, Edek had to take care of her little sister Bronia while Anne only had to care about herself because her parents did all the work

Pivotal Action Breakdown

In the story, one of the pivotal actions that occurred was when the Balicki children took Jan along to switzerland. The children made that decision because Jan had no where else to go after they left and they felt pity for him.

I think that if the children did take Jan along then they wouldnt be able to make it to switzerland at the end of the book, Jan was a substantial help to the group because he knew where their father went and also had some strange talents that helped along the way

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