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Techy Thanksgiving Activities for All Ages


To most of us, Thanksgiving is a time to relax, eat our weight in food, and enjoy three games of football. But, prior to that, there are some activities that can be done with students to not only celebrate the holiday, but to inform them on the history of the day we've come to know and love. The other day a friend of mine from California, Karly Moura, posted an entire collection of activities involving Thanksgiving. Below are some that are really engaging, informative, and tech-centered for students leading up to the holiday.

Build or Disguise a Turkey

If you remember from a previous newsletter, I shared a Build a Jack-o-Lantern activity developed by Eric Curts. From that, there have been a few cool Thanksgiving themed activities developed. The first is a Build a Turkey Design that allows students to develop a turkey and then give it a personality. The other one is really clever. It's called Disguise a Turkey and students are tasked with helping their turkey hide from becoming dinner!

The Gobble Gobble Breakout

If you've ever been lucky enough to participate in an escape room, you know how much fun they can be. While there are several "escape room" type activities for students, a Breakout is a little less chaotic, and a lot safer. In this Gobble Gobble Breakout, all of the food is prepared and ready to be eaten. But first, students will need to "break out" of the room in 45 minutes or less. This is an engaging activity that could be quite a bit of fun for a day before break activity!

Design a Balloon

If it's tradition in your family as it is in mine, Thanksgiving Day isn't complete without having the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV (until football comes on, of course). A really clever activity that students can do is design a balloon as if it will be featured in the parade. Following this lesson and activity, students are able to determine which balloon they would choose, and then are able to write a note persuading the organizers to include their balloon.

Tracking with Google Maps

As students are learning about the holiday itself, they will inevitably learn about where the Mayflower departed from, her journey, and all of the places they visited and saw along the way. Using Google Maps, students can track these areas. They can even drop themselves into Plymouth where the Pilgrims landed. This would bring more authenticity to the lesson seeing the locations without leaving the classroom!

Thanksgiving Letter Sounds

For grades K-2, the students can complete a board full of images associated with the holiday and analyze them for their sounds. In this activity, students can look at pictures and then determine which sounds they begin or end with. Using the simple chart design in the example activity, this has the potential to be an informative lesson relating to Thanksgiving.

Time Limits on Shared Files

This week, I'm grateful for the ability to limit the amount of time a Google file is shared with another person. Once an item has been shared, in the shared menu that appears, there is a clock image next to the person's name. If that's clicked, you are able to select how long something is shared with them, without ever having to remember to do it manually!

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