Teen Drunk Driving in the U.S.A.

Sophia Shen and Hajra Shahzad 1-19-2016 Ms. Wasser Period 3

Teen Drunk Driving

How can we create a presentation that can inform people that drinking and driving is bad for teens? Drinking alcohol while driving can cause the driver to be drunk and risk the lives of him/her and the people around him/her. High school teens are constant victims of drunk driving. We chose this topic to inform teens that drunk driving can cause lives to be at stake and we want to stop it. Teen drunk driving will continue going on and kill many innocent people, so we need to stop teen drunk driving.

Rules on the Road

Across the US, teens as young as 15 can get a drivers licenses under graduated license programs. For adults, it's illegal to drive on the road with a Blood Alcohol Content of .08% or higher, but for teens, the rule is much stricter. Teens are not allowed to drink alcohol whatsoever before driving. Unfortunately, some young drivers still decide to take a sip while driving. Also, teens are less experienced at driving than adults, so they are more likely to "mess up".

2,000 Underage Drinkers Die Each Year Behind the Wheel

Why, Why, Why?

Why do teens drink on the road anyway? According to the Los Angeles DUI Experts, "There's a freedom that many teens feel when they get their driver's license. It is a feeling of independence and in most cases invincibility." Other teens drink because of peer pressure. Some friends are not exactly the best. Others just can't handle the responsibility. Remember the time you had the "I'm the happiest person on Earth and nothing can possibly happen to me!" syndrome when your dad got you a phone, and then you lost your phone in the mall? Well, some teens lose more than just a phone, so we think it is important that teens and adults know that drinking and driving is not a safe combination and can put many lives at risk.

Most teens don't realize that they are in a dangerous situation until it's too late.