By Sarah, Brett, Brendon

Military Spending vs GDP per capita

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Life Expectancy vs GDP per capita

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Poverty Rate versus GDP per capita

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Unemployment Rate vs GDP per capita

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Debt vs GDP per capita

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Syria, Asia Graphs

Brunei, Asia Graphs

Australia Graphs

Write Up/Script

•Hi my name is Sarah, Brendon, and Brett

Show Graphs

•These are the graphs we created by using points that we gathered during our research.

Talk about how they relate to poverty

•Generally speaking, poverty makes all of these factors better. Whether it be debt, unemployment rate, poverty rate, life expectancy, etc. (Shows graph and talks about what it means to get better in these situations i.e. debt - less debt with higher GDP). As you can see, the line of best fit generally stays in a relatable area to the points. But, in some factors such as military spending, each country is different. This isn't always due to GDP however. It is sometimes caused by that countries specific military needs.

•Overall, poverty generally causes these factors to become weaker and not as strong as higher GDP countries

Ways to Help

•Some of the ways to help as teens are really limited. But, things like volunteering for groups around our community that help these countries would be the first step. Just a little bit of passion and love would help. And these countries need our help.


•Thanks for watching!