By Micheal Unger



A small stream

Down a small hill

Is a worm


The small boy Jack,

Had a bird that hatched;

He helped the bird fly,

Before it jumped and died.

He was to late, the small boy Jack.


These be

Three loud things:

The thunder of a storm... the footsteps

Of an elephant... the roar

Of a tornado.

Free Verse

The black gates clang and clash in the wind,

The large doors slam and smash in the wind,

The trees bend and topple in the wind,

All of these things are victims of the wind.
















I Wonder

I wonder how they create superheroes

Why do they have powers and gadgets?

How do the creates think of them?

I wonder if we will live on earth forever

Will we live on other planets?

Will they take over?

I wonder who was the first human

Did they look like us?

Were they as smart as us?

I wonder what will end the world

Will it be a meteor?

Will the sun stop shining?

I wonder when we will explore other planets

Will we get to explore?

How will we get to them?

I wonder why I think about these things

Why do I think?

Where are the answers?

I wonder.

I Wish

I wish

I didn't have to go to school and

get homework.

I wish

I could fly like a bird-

but not worry about feathers

I wish

I was rich

and I could buy anything I wanted

I wish

I had a lot of friends

so I could talk to more people

I wish

I had powers to save

whoever needed help

I Used To Be

I used to be a flower

So bright and full of joy

But now I'm a mushroom

Eating all of the dead, rotting things

I used to be yellow

Like the sun

But now I'm dark

Like the night

I used to be a rabbit

Up early in the mornings

But now I'm a bear

Sleeping through the winters

I used to be a bicycle

Balanced and smooth

But now I'm a tricycle

Always needing a third wheel

I used to be a book

Full of pages and chapters

But now I'm a paper

Nothing very interesting

Found Poems

Writing Rules

Put a period.

Add a coma,

And maybe a question mark?

Always put a Capitol Letter.

Don't forget to put an exclamation mark when yelling!

Always finish a sentence, don't cut it off half way.

Sometimes use a semicolon; just in case you need two sentences together.

Don't forget the quotation marks when people are talking, "Right?"

Put the period, add the coma, throw in a question and exclamation! Don't cut it off halfway through. Semicolons are very important; we need them sometimes!

"And don't forget to add quotations!"