Ms. Borgert's Weekly Buzz

January 29th, 2016

Notes from the Teacher

Hello parents!

  • Our Valentine’s Day Parties are quickly approaching. If your student is interested in exchanging Valentines please send him or her with enough Valentines for everyone in the class (24) starting Monday the 8th. Have your student sign their name to their Valentines and leave the front of the envelope blank, this simplifies the passing out process. No candy or food items may be included in Valentines due to food allergies.

  • Classroom snack donations needed! I like to have snacks on hand (Goldfish, Teddy Grahams or Cheez its) to give to students who may have accidentally forgotten theirs that day or may have an item that is not on our list/could cause an allergy issue. I am running low on snacks that I have bought and would love it if a few parents could donate some for us to have on hand in the event that we need them.

Mystery Reader

Thank you so much to Mr. Peaden for joining us this morning as our Mystery Reader! It was great having you and we loved hearing you sing!! :)

If you haven't signed up yet to be a mystery reader, there are still many days open through the end of the year. The students get so excited when they find out it is Mom or Dad (or anyone else they know!). Please sign up by browsing for available Fridays this school year at Remember if Friday at 10:30 doesn't work or the day that you want is taken and you really really want to come in, just email me and we will work out a time that works for you! :)

Family STEAM Night - Friday night, February 5th

Get excited and mark your calendars for our first TCE FAMILY S.T.E.A.M. NIGHT on Friday, February 5th from 5:30-7:30pm. STEAM is an educational term to describe real world opportunities for students to learn with science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math. At the TCE FAMILY STEAM NIGHT, TCE students and their family members of all ages are welcome to come and participate in a variety of unique, educational STEAM experiences. Participants will travel as a family (children with their adults) to share in the learning process! Pizza will be available in the cafeteria for families to purchase. We hope you plan to be there!

Important Dates

Thursdays - Library check out day

Friday, February 5th-Half Day-Students dismiss at Noon – No lunch served

Friday, February 5th - Family STEAM night 5:30-7:30

Friday, February 12th– Valentine’s Day/Friendship Party 1:45 – 2:45

Monday, Feb. 15 - No School President's Day (& Tuesday, Feb. 16th -Potentially no school if we don't have a snow day before then)

Friday, February 19th - Meet Mr. President Program 9:45 am in the school gymnasium (parents welcome!)

President's Day Program!

Save the date for an upcoming program to celebrate President’s Day! All Kindergarten classes will be participating in “Meet Mr. President” on Friday, February 19th at 9:45. It’s sure to be a lot of fun! We hope you can make it! Our class will need to wear RED that day! :)

Pennies for Patients

Thorpe Creek Elementary students will be taking part in the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) Pennies for Patients program from February 1-12. During this program, students will collect money to support LLS’s mission: to find cures and ensure access to treatments for blood cancer patients. Students will learn about service, leadership, philanthropy and how they can make a difference by changing patients’ lives. We have our own online donation classroom page where you can donate or share with friends and family:

Thank you in advance for helping LLS to create a world without blood cancers!

For more information on the Pennies for Patients program, please visit

Activities for the first week(which you can make fun by having your kiddo identify/count coins which will reinforce our intro to money in Math!:

Feb. 1st - bring in pennies

Feb. 2nd –bring in nickels

Feb. 3rd– bring in dimes

Feb. 4th– bring in quarters

Feb. 5th – bring in dollars (each student who brings in a dollar will receive a paper penny to put their name on and it will be displayed in the school)

This fundraiser holds a special place in my heart this year since my Dad was in the midst of fighting Acute Myeloid Leukemia when he passed away.

Tu Tu Tuesday (2/2/2016)

This coming Tuesday, February 2nd is 2-2-Tuesday...which doesn't come along very often in the calendar! Tutu Tuesday! Or Two Two Tuesday if you want to look at it that way! Our school has decided to make this a school spirit day to represent 2/2 (on Tuesday).

Some ideas for commemorating this historical day if you are interested would be to:

  • Obviously, wear a tutu! Lots of fun ideas on Pinterest
  • Wear a shirt with 2 on it (sports shirts are great)
  • Simply take some masking tape and tape 2's all over a shirt or outfit
  • Wear TWO of something, 2 bows, 2 pairs of socks, 2 hats, ect.
  • Make a construction paper headband and decorate it with punch out 2s

Academic Highlights for the Upcoming Week

Reading: Comprehension Strategies: Determining Importance, Making inference, Story element - Problem and Solution, Nonfiction Texts versus Fiction

Sight Words: Qtr 3: zero, one, two, up, too, time, they, with, where, play, that, your, come, not, will REVIEW: this, in, big, here, said, like, we, are, go, can, at, on, I, look, see, my, a, mom, dad, you, the, is, and, red, yellow, orange, black, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, black, white, red, for, he, she, her, to, is , do , get, was, it, me, am, so


Classifying 2d & 3d Shapes - Recognizing qualities/attributes of each, making shapes with other shapes, composing shapes

Money (penny, nickel, dime, quarter), Addition/Subtraction to 10 cont'd, Comparing quantities, groups and numbers, estimation, Non Standard measurements, comparing objects by size, length, weight, addition/subtraction w/in 10, and decomposing numbers, counting to 50 and representing numbers with objects patterns, positional words comparing numbers, one to one correspondence, identifying numbers, more or less, Sorting objects, recognizing patterns, 2D and 3D shapes.

Writing: How To cont'd - Using words and pictures to develop a main idea/provide info about topic (Informative)

Science Polar Bears, Snow


Yearbook order forms were sent home last week. Yearbook orders are due by March 16, 2016. The cost of the yearbook is $16 per book. We encourage you to place an order on the website: Enter in the code 03573P to place an order. All yearbooks ordered online, will be shipped to TCE. Checks should be made out to Thorpe Creek Elementary. Happy ordering!

Buddy reading!

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Discovery News

Hello wonderful parents! This is Mrs. Foust with our news from Discovery. This week we continued our new unit on Presidents. The students are beginning to learn songs for our upcoming Presidents’ Day program. For our movement day, students met Popcorn the Dolphin while doing yoga. They seemed to really enjoy the yoga poses! For an upcoming activity, I am asking that students please bring in a penny. If your child would like to bring in a few extra, that would be great!

Stacey Foust

Discovery Teacher