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Kwanzaa | All About the Holidays

Kwanzaa | All About the Holidays. Kwanzaa is a time to celebrate African American heritage. Learn the ways people observe this festivity and trace back its roots to ancient African customs.

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Kwanzaa Vocabulary Word Search | All About the Holidays

Kwanzaa Vocabulary Word Search | All About the Holidays. Learn the vocabulary of Kwanzaa with this fun word search from All About the Holidays.

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Kwanzaa Books | Holiday Traditions with PBS

Kwanzaa Books | Holiday Traditions with PBS. A list of Kwanzaa books.

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Sid’s Holiday Adventure - Part 1 | Sid the Science Kid

Sid’s Holiday Adventure - Part 1 | Sid the Science Kid. In Part 1 of Sid's Holiday Adventure, Sid explains that, in his house, they celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, and Kwanzaa. Sid finds out that his family is traveling to Minnesota for the holidays, so he decides to investigate cold weather.

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Holiday Facts and Fun: Kwanzaa

Holiday Facts and Fun: Kwanzaa. The video takes viewers into the homes of celebrants for a detailed look at how Kwanzaa is observed. It features, also, the world’s largest community celebration of the holiday, where traditional African music, art and dance take center stage.

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The Principles of Kwanzaa

The Principles of Kwanzaa. The African foundations of Kwanzaa's seven principles are shown in this intriguing program, as are explanations of how each principle can be applied to the African-American youngster's daily life. Carefully researched and beautifully animated sequences take viewers to the golden age of African kingdoms, while live-action portions show how the wisdom of African traditions hold many valuable lessons for people today, especially young people in search of better lives and more hopeful futures. Swahili terms associated with Kwanzaa have been woven into the program's narration in order to give viewers a sense of linguistic heritage.

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Seven Candles for Kwanzaa

Seven Candles for Kwanzaa. The 1993 children's book by Andrea Davis Pinkney, with illustrations by Brian Pinkney, comes alive in this iconographic program narrated by Alfre Woodard. This unique African-American holiday commemorates the strength of family ties, respect for ancestors, commitment to the growth of community, and gratitude for life's bounties. For each day of Kwanzaa, a new candle is lit. Children and adults share their thoughts, songs, stories from the past, dreams about the future, and a delicious feast on the last day. Part of the Weston Woods Series.

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