Best Friends Forever

A World War 2 Scrapbook

1. Written by: Beverly Patt

Project by: Kaitlin Davis



Don't miss out on this a amazing book that shows you that a friendship can't even be torn apart by a war!


The setting takes place in Bainbridge Island in Washington State also in Camp Harmony Assembly Center ( internment camp ),1942-1943



Best Friends Forever chronicles the lives of two girls during WWII. Louise Krueger at home on Bainbridge Island in Washington State. Her best friend, Dottie Masuoka, in Camp Harmony Assembly Center, not far away. The elaborate scrapbook design combines historical photographs and recreated period objects from Louise's life on the Homefront with Dottie's letters and drawings from the internment camp. The two girls share a friendship that even war cannot tear apart.


Main characters

Louise, Dottie, Pop Louise's dad, Dicky Grecko, Roxy Dotties dog, Marion Hunter

All $ except for Dicky Grecko


Louise's brother, Dotties cousin, mrs.Yatsushiro, Joan Fontaine, Nancy Cortino's, Nick,

All except for Mrs. Yatsushiro are $



$=characters that actually existed in histor

&=characters that are fictitious


Pearl Harbor Attack

The Japanese surprise attack on the U. S. Navy's base at Pearl Harbor and Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands on Sunday morning, 7 December 1941, destroyed much of the American Pacific Fleet and brought the United States into World War 2. What president Franklin D. Roosevelt called a " day which will live in infamy " led Congress to declare war on Japan on 8 December. The attack folowed the decision of the government of premier Hideki Tojo that the Roosevelt administration would not abandon China and Southweast Asia to the Japanese military nor continue to supply Tokyo with oil and other vital supplies. Thus, while negotiating with Washington, Tokyo also planned a major Japanese offensive into British Malaya, the Dutch East Indies, and the American Philippines. The major opposing naval force in the Pacific would be the U. S. Navy, which had moved to its forward base at Pearl Harbor in May 1940. As part of the Japanese of fensive, Adm. Isoroku Yamamoto, commander in chief of the Combined Japanese fleet devised a secret plan for a preemptive air strike against the American fleet in order to give Japan time to fortify its newly

conquered territories.

I Used encyclopedia



Another train like the one that took Dottie away. Pg.12. It is comparing a train to another train that she saw earlier in her life when Dottie had to leave.

10 metaphor

" they'll probably be rock hard!" Pg. 19

It is comparing it to a hard rock



"She looks terribly frail but she can she can talk the ears off a rabbit" Pg. 20

I say this because you can't take ears off a rabbit by talking


" Ha, ha". Pg. 24

It's a onomatopoeia because it is the sound of a laugh


1. Perpetually:1.

continuing or enduring forever; everlasting.

2. Brassiere:

a woman's undergarment for supporting the breasts

Sometimes females need to go shopping for new brassieres

3. Insufferable:

not to be endured; intolerable; unbearable:
  • What prevents him from becoming an insufferable goody-two-shoes is his brash side-of-the-mouth cheekiness.
  • 4. Oxfords:a low shoelaced over the instep.
  • 5. Shrapnel:
  • a hollow projectile containing bullets or the likeand a bursting charge, designed to explodebefore reaching the target, and to set free ashower of missiles.
  • such projectiles collectively.
  • Each time someone questioned her about a term orsome shrapnel of jargon, she offered a brief, lucidexplanation.