Travel To Vietnam

made by Fernand

The country

Vietnam is an amazing place, home to beaches, deserts, cities, and so much more! Some interesting places to go are Nha Trang, Thien Mu Pagoda, and Ha Long Bay.

tourist better read!

Veitnam has great food, weird weather, and fun atractions

Hanoi's Weather

The climate in the south of vietnam is always tropical and in the north there are 4 seasons en été il fait chaud et il pleut ;en hiver il ne pleut pas et il fait froid; au printemps il fait humide et il pleut; en automne il fait beau il fait frais il ne plet pas


In Vietnam you can take a boat ride in Ha Long Bay or you can go shopping in Hoi An. You can go visit an anceint temple in Hoa Lu or just relax on Danang beach.


Mentioned before Ha Long Bay is a great place to go and its a natural wonder here is one more that rock: Phong Nha Ke Bang national park which are caves. The best resort in Vietnam that is 5 stars in called the Nam Hai here there are 3 pools by the ocean and 4 tennis court along with 60 guest houses.