Sudan's Water Crisis

By: Kacy Willey, Janiah Coley, and Jazmyne Guzman

Population: 38,764,090
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Statistics :

  • Sudan is located on the Nile River basin
  • Sudan uses 97% of their water on agriculture
  • "In Sudan about two percent of water is available for domestic use."

Problems that need fixing:

Sudan has political and economical problems because of lack of water. There are various diseases because of this issue. A few of them are Hepatitis E, Guinea Worm, and Diarrhea. There isn't enough surface water, therefore, they aren't drinking enough water and they are becoming dehydrated and die.

Solution for The Water Crisis:

There are many possible solutions for the water crisis in Sudan. One solution is building water wells for the people in Sudan. Another solution for the water crisis is to use up less water for farming since they use nearly 97% of their water for farming.