Special Celebration Edition

March 2020

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Dear Friends,

During this very unusual and uncertain time, let’s take a moment to celebrate something most of us have taken for granted our entire lives... our public schools and professional educators! They have always been there for us with their doors and arms wide open, and even amidst this great challenge we are all facing they find a way to continue serving their communities. Following are just a few highlights among their innumerable academic achievements this school year.


Leslie & Scott Milder

Friends Co-Founders

Recent Texas Public Schools Achievements

Texas Students Achieve Strong Gains in All Subjects On 2019 STAAR End-Of-Course Exams!


Texas Ranks Among the Top 5 States in High School Graduation Rates!


Texas 8th Graders Consistently Beat National Average on NAEP Math & Science Assessments!


Texas Public Schools Continue to Be Good Stewards Of Taxpayer Funds! (source)

Texas 4th Graders Scored In The Top 25% In Math According To NAEP Results Nationwide!(source)

Over 99% of Texas public school districts pass Financial Integrity Ratings! (source)

National Poll Shows Strong Voter Support for Public Schools! (source)

SAFETY TIP: A proper school security plan requires coordination and communication between law enforcement agencies and schools. During an emergency, how will schools contact first responders? A plan that includes layers of communication (alert system, radio bridge, video sharing) is often the best one. Contact Mutualink to learn more - 866-957-5465.
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Corporate Partner Spotlight

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Powell, Youngblood & Taylor, LLP is a school law firm with a statewide practice in all areas of public education law. Established in 1996, the firm maintains offices in Austin, Houston, Tyler, Dallas, and Corpus Christi to better serve our clients across Texas. We represent school districts, community college districts, and other governmental entities across Texas in the capacity of general and special counsel. Powell, Youngblood & Taylor attorneys are both counselors and advocates, dedicated to an uncompromising commitment to excellence and client service. Our approach to the practice of law involves early consultation and intervention, client training, and timely responses to client concerns.

Powell, Youngblood & Taylor is committed to Texas public education. We serve public education clients in all areas of education law, including employment law, student rights and discipline, purchasing and acquisition, contract negotiation, administrative law, disability law, construction contract drafting and disputes, special education, public finance (or bond counsel), Chapter 313 value limitation agreements, elections and redistricting, civil rights and constitutional law, and litigation. As general and special legal counsel to school districts, regional service centers and community college districts, we regularly litigate on behalf of our clients in contested bench and jury trials, arbitrations and administrative hearings, and have earned a statewide reputation for effective advocacy on behalf of our clients. Additionally, our team works to keep fees at a low cost, and we consistently receive feedback confirming that the client received good value for the fees charged.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call our office at 512-494-1177 or reach out to our Managing Partner, Blake Powell, directly at bpowell@pyt-law.com.

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All Texas public school districts (ISD) are invited to enroll in our Network for the 2019-20 School Year. If you were a member previously, we want to invite you back! If you haven’t been a member before, we hope you will consider joining this year.

DK Roofing provides our clients with a full-service roof offering. Since 1991, we have worked with Texas public schools to provide service, maintenance, restoration, and re-roof options, as well as to navigate insurance claims and board approvals. Our CenterPoint software provides instant service dispatch and access to all findings. 866-DRY-IT-IN

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