Principal Announcements and Weekly Schedule

October 19 - 23

19 - BLACK

PD with Mr. Adamson (Safety in an Active Shooter situation) in Mrs. Bowser's room (Specials teachers for breakfast)

6th grade to Taylor Univ. Exercise Science Class

Bldg. Discussion

20 - RED

Orange Day - Unity Day

Fire Drill

21 - Parent Conference Day (12 - 7pm... Dinner together at 4pm)

22 - WHITE

Tornado Drill

Dr. Gorman coming to 3rd grade

23 - BLACK

Pie Order forms due

Announcements/Upcoming Events

  • ***The BLT meeting and the RTI meetings are going to be postponed to the week after Fall Break. I believe we will all be more refreshed and ready to dive in that week. Also, Parent Conferences will require a lot of your energy next week. :)
  • Reminder - Please turn in Writing Prompt results before you leave for Fall Break.
  • FYI - Retro-pay and your evaluation stipend will be included in your paycheck today.
  • Veteran's Day is coming up - Please let me know if your class would be interested in writing letters to veterans. We have a resource/connection to veterans if you are interested.
  • THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU - FOR A WONDERFUL Boss's Day! I love being part of the South Team - I am truly blessed to have such a great team!!!

  • Whether or not you print report cards for parents is up to you, or you can prefer to show them online.
  • Jennifer Jarck will be hosting a Skyward room that day for parents to come and learn more about how to use it.
  • Please print STAR Reading and STAR Math reports for parents.
  • Let me know if you need me to attend any of your parent conferences. :)
  • I am more than happy to announce, "It is now time for the next parent conference. Thank you for coming." I can do this every 15 minutes to help you. ***Please let me know if you would like this to be done on Wednesday. ***

Quote of the Week

Enjoy the little things in life... for one day you will look back and realize they were the big things.