Transform any area of your life!

De-clutter your life and invite the space of possibilities!

Access Verbal Processing by Raji Raaman

Did you know the tagline of Access Consciousness is – To empower people to know that they know! -? In Access consciousness there are no answers or prescriptions. Typically in an Access class you are facilitated to tap into your own awareness and knowing by asking questions so you can follow your own truth. You begin to explore your inner journey in consciousness to discover your true potential as an infinite being. You create the life that you desire by perceiving, knowing being and receiving dropping judgments and conclusions which gets you stuck in polarity and solidity.

During verbal processing we ask questions to bring up the energy of any limitations, then it is blasted out of existence with the clearing statement. These tools can be applied to any area of your life - health, body, money, relationships and business, just to name a few. After the verbal processing there is a sense of lighness and space in your Universe! can be a Skype session or a Live session! May All of life come to you with Ease, Joy and Glory!