Tampa Bay Diversity Council Meeting

Chapter of the Florida Diversity Council

Date: Wednesday, September 7th

Time: 12:00pm-1:30pm

Location: Straz Center for the Performing Arts

Maestro's Restaurant

1010 N. W.C. MacInnes Place Tampa, FL 33602

Educational Segment

"A Therapist-cum-Novelist Looks at Diversity:

The Psychological Underpinnings of an Inclusive Work Culture

By Barry E. Wolfe, Ph.D.

The Diversity and Multicultural movements represent significant efforts by the majority culture in the US (i.e., The Able Heterosexual White Male) to recognize and include people who are different into the mainstream of public life. In the workplace, diversity work has evolved from minimal training efforts to help corporations avoid lawsuits into programs detailing how inclusive workplaces can increase the bottom line. As a practicing therapist for 45 years, Dr. Barry Wolfe has encountered many of the issues dealt with in diversity and inclusion programs.


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