Keeping Up With Kindergarten

Mrs. Enright's Class

September 25, 2015

With October right around the corner, we're almost done with our first month of school! The students are becoming more accustomed to our procedures and expectations here at Lizzy Haddon and it has been so fun to watch their confidence build with each passing day. We're just finishing up with our beginning of the year assessments that provide a starting point as we monitor our growth throughout the year and we will also be diving into more small group work next week!

Happy Birthday Tyler!

Last week we celebrated Tyler's 6th birthday! We enjoyed some delicious cupcakes with his mom and brother and loved when Mrs. Regina read us a book from the Elephant and Piggie series. We're looking forward to some more birthday celebrations in October :)
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What's Happening in the Classroom?

Literacy: The past two weeks we continued our new Wilson curriculum with focus on the letters t, f, m and n. We continued practicing with our student notebooks and dry erase tablets and were introduced to our magnet letter boards. Once we have spent time working with all of our letters, we will begin using the magnet boards to build words!

Math: The past two weeks we have been exploring our calendar, shapes and numbers! Last week we starting signing in each morning and keeping track of the days of the month. We have been exploring the different attributes of pattern blocks and have been creating our own designs using a variety of shapes. Today we made a class book of numbers where each student was assigned a number 1-17 and had to write and draw a page for our class book to create a visual for their number (i.e. - 5 dogs, 9 crabs, 11 marbles). Their ideas and pictures were very creative!

Social Studies: This week we focused on our school rules of, "take care of yourself, take care of others, and take care of our school". We brainstormed together and wrote down our ideas of what kinds of actions we need to display in order to meet those three expectations at school. Next week we will continue by turning our brainstorming list into a large poster to hang in the classroom and refer to throughout the year!

Quick Notes & Reminders

  • Tonight, September 25th, is movie night at school. A showing of Monsters Inc. will begin at 7pm in the APR.
  • I have been in touch with several parents regarding technical problems with the Everyday Math Apps at home. While I am working on resolving these issues, please refer to the pink math home link from Back to School Night for ways you can work on math at home.
  • Library books are due back Friday, October 2nd. I will also send a text reminder Thursday night!
  • If you would like to sign up for Remind 101 to receive text reminders from me regarding library book due dates and special events in the class, please see the PDF below or refer to the handout that was sent home in your child's folder on Tuesday.