Dork Diaries

Nikki has a diary that she writes on it all day . Mackenzie had a dram going on about Nikki , that she paid a pizza for a kiss . All the people started passing to friends . One day Nikki was in bio class and she was sitting in front of Mackenzie and Nikki saw a bug on her hair , so she told Mackenzie that she had a bug and Mackenzie said " oh it might be just a layer on my hair " . Nikki took it out and show it to Mackenzie , and Mackenzie started screaming and she trew up and people started making a video so all of them pass the video on . Now Mackenzie wants to move school . And Nikki lost her dairy ( Mackenzie robbed it ) . She finds out that Mackenzie had it and she wrote on it . Then Nikki solved all hers problem . And she and all of hers friends are happy and Mackenzie moved .