begin with the end in mind...upcoming events...

5/2-5/6-Teacher Appreciation Week

5/2-College T shirt/jeans, Faculty Advisory Committee meeting

5/3-New Teacher check-in, Big Give Event: https://thebiggivesa.org/ and Softball with the Superintendent @ Notheast Sports Park

5/4-Faculty meeting: Team planning

5/5-Cinco De Mayo luncheon

5/7- Jon’s Run 8:30 am

be proactive...morning duty this week


gym 1: Argueta/Cox

gym 2:Thompson/Jackson

sharpen the saw...clubs this monday




student lighthouse

happy birthday to you...may birthdays!

May 3: Jacqueline Shaw

May 13: Julie Garza

May 15: Alissa Williamson

May 22: Melanie Hall

begin with the end in mind...upcoming events...

5/9-5/11- STAAR testing

5/11- Faculty meeting: action teams

5/12- data team meeting after school in the viewing area

5/13-CRMS due to Holly, Battle of the Books in cafeteria-4th grade

Week of 5/16-Clarity Survey (technology)

5/16-Jenae out AM, 4th grade field trip to the Alamo

5/17-Faculty Advisory Committee meeting, Leadership Fair

5/18-Third grade field trip

5/19-Jenae at PRincipal meeting

5/20-Field Day

5/21- Robotics Showcase 12:15-2:45 pm

5/23- Battle of the Books after school, CIC

5/24-Jenae out for training

5/25-Faculty meeting: RTI, 4th grade Wax Museum

5/26-Kinder "garden" party @ 8:45

5/27-2nd grade field trip, 5th grade market day, art a la carte, Lighthouse meeting @ 7:15


5/31-5th grade pool party

6/2-Last day for students, 5th grade ceremony

CRMS Inventory Verification Spring 2016

Please verify your classroom/office inventory by noon on Friday, May 13, 2016 (The window opens May 2-you will not be able to complete before this date). The directions are listed below. If you have questions, please see your GLC and they should be able to help you through the process.

Steps for Inventory Verification: http://intranet.int.neisd.net/finance/crms_instructions.html

1. Log in to the Mainframe

2. Use the Pause/Break key to clear the screen and type the word “fast”. Press enter.

3. Enter your room number. Portables are 0046, 0051, etc.

4. Print out your room inventory. Some rooms have multiple screens or pages. If F8=FWD is displayed at the bottom of the screen, then there are more screens to be viewed.

5. Use the printout to physically check all the items in your room. Make sure every serial number and NEISD tag number matches the actual equipment in your room. Check off each item on your printout.

6. If there are additional items in your room that are not listed OR items are missing, please indicate that on the printout and see Holly Salazar ASAP so that the corrections can quickly be made to your list.

7. ONLY AFTER THE LISTING IS 100% ACCURATE AND COMPLETE: Put an “X” in the field to the left of “VERIFIED” and press enter.

8. On the new screen, input the appropriate verification code “S” for spring. Then tab over and type your employee ID number. Read the statement below. Any special information should be typed in the section “ADDITIONAL INFORMATION”. (For example, one teacher verifies a room he/she shares with another might indicate that in the “ADDITIONAL INFORMATION” section.) Press enter to accept the verification.

9. Press enter again to return to the main screen.

10. Check the bottom of the screen next to “VERIFIED” to make sure the Date and Verification Type are correct.

11. Press the Pause/Break key to clear the screen and exit FAST/CRMS.

12. Sign and date your ORIGINAL printout that you used to physically check your room and turn it in to Holly Salazar no later than noon on Friday, May 13, 2016.

Other Important Information to Know:

· NEISD sends out a person to do spot checks to make sure items are accurately represented in the CRMS Inventory.

· Be sure you can match everything on your screen with the items in your room.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions… or if I can help in any way!


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