Tobacco (Health)

By: Nisothan Uthayan, Mustafa Wadud, and Yahya Abdullah

What category does the substance fall into and why?

Tobacco is basically a Stimulants drug. If you consider Tobacco and Nicotine inherently they both contrast to each other and have the same long term and short term effects. Tobacco increase heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rate. These unusual drugs like Tobacco can make you feel more energetic but after a while they will see a dramatic effect to your energy.Some side effects include paranoid thoughts, fainting, violent behaviour, seizures and vomiting.

Short Term and Long Term Effects

  • Pneumonia

  • Loss of smell and taste

  • Loss of stamina and endurance

  • Smell of smoke

  • Cancer: lung, mouth, pharynx, larynx, esophagus, stomach, pancreas, cervix and kidney

  • Emphysema

  • Respiratory illness

  • Heart problems, including a high risk for heart disease

  • Aging skin

  • Teeth discoloration

  • Strokes

  • Leukemia

  • Cataracts

What Are The Effects If People Use More Than One Substance At the Same Time

If you smoke innumerable drugs it would be excessively dangerous for health and it could change the way you live, and has highly unexpected side effects. Unfortunately most medical treatments don't affect drugs enough. But we know how to stop it. First step don’t think about it. Step 2 drink a lot of cool drinks to it calms yourself down a touch, even if you don't like it, it’s for your own benefit. Step 3 sleep a lot it will make your brain cool down and will make your stress go away which could help you think whether you still want to have drugs or not. It’s better he doesn’t even talk or think about it so he will never remember about drugs, and start to worry about his life and will kind of regret about his decision but still teach him a lesson to never ever take drugs for any purpose.

What Are The Current Percentages Of Youth In Grade 8 Who Choose Not To Use ThIs Substance Or Participate In Gambling Activities? (Percentages of teens in ON or Canada)

In 2013, a group of people surveyed whether teens were interested to smoke or gamble when older or during the years. Unfortunately, 19.3% of teenagers in Canada would like to smoke or gamble. 80.7% of teenagers do not ever want to smoke or gamble. But have noticed that some teenagers that were sure of not smoking are starting to feel as if needed in order to complete work or just for fun.

Why Do You Think Some Students Choose To Participate In These Activities? Why Do You Think Other Students Choose Not To?

In my perspective when someone asks for cigarettes in a shop for example Hasty market there is usually a picture of a person that was taking drugs or too many cigarettes in a day or year and now are regretting it and might have cancer. Think about his future everyone will think he is a guy that will have mood swings and no one would want to live with him or want to be friends with him. When someone has stress they would usually want to smoke and when you have a habit of it then you keep on smoking drugs this is not only for tobacco it’s for everything, every drug is a harm to the body, thats why we are here today to tell you what happens and how you can stop smoking and from having drugs. This is why other teens are successful in life and chose not to take drugs for no reason.

Some teens maybe don't feel comfortable and think it will benefit them. Unfortunately teenagers still don't understand what harm it gives to your body and how much it affects your family/friends. They also still don't realize that if they constantly keep smoking they will not have friends and will force them to have more drugs. They still don't know what affects it can make to your body.

Who Can You Talk To Honestly About This Topic And Why?

In my perspective I will say the person that he/she should talk to is most likely going to be a family doctor. I say this because of the following reason: usually the doctor will tell you tips how to get rid of drugs, will not gossip about it, you can trust your family doctor then any other doctor.

Where Can You Go To Find Out More Information, Or To Get Help If You Were To Need It?

If you need more help I would recommend asking relatives, best friends, family members and you can go check online.


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