By: Siara RIbas Date: 11/8/13


Dictatorships is ruled by one person who has control over all. And that the dictator makes all the laws that the people have to follow no matter what.
In a Dictatorship the people still have rights but one right is that they would have to vote for a new dictator and thats a law as well.

And in a dictatorship the dictator controls what people do in there lives and the dictator also controls what happens in schools. And the Dictator is always in charge.

Fact number 1 on Dictatorship

In a Dictatorship it is established through violence and force and that the Dictator must often use force to maintain power.

Fact #4 on Dictatorship

In a dictatorship it limit basic freedoms , like freedom of speech , right to assemble and freedom of press.