GMOs Are Good

By:Samantha Griner

My Opinion

I believe that genetically modified crops are a great help to farmers today,gmos are a great invention.

Reasons GMOs Are Good

  • Reduced management time
  • Less fuel usage
  • Water efficiency
  • Reduced spray usage
  • Provides disease protection
  • Produces better harvests
  • Are safe to consume (were tested on mice before human consumption)
  • Cheaper to produce
  • High yielding
  • Mature fast(produce larger profits for commercial farmers)

Jon Entine Said It

Jon Entine stated in his article ,The debate about GMO safety is over,thanks to a new trillion meal study, that,"...there have been over 2,000 studies showing that biotechnology does not pose an unnatural threat to human health and genetically modified foods are as safe a or safer than conventional or organic foods."

GMO Rice Modified To Produce Human Blood Protein

Brown rice seeds can produce cost-effective and easily stored supply of human serum albumin(HSA). HSA is in short supply around the world,but not in China. HSA is a big part of treating many types of maladies. (eg. severe burns,liver cirrhosis,& hemorrhagic shock)

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